In order to provide a personalized and efficient service to our users it is necessary to save and store information on how this website should be used. To do this, we use reduced text files called cookies, which are small data files that are sent to the computer, mobile phone or other device of access of the User when he visits a web page, and that allow to obtain information regarding his navigation or a code that unambiguously identifies the user.

More detailed information about cookies and their operation can be found here.


Some of the cookies we use are required to allow browsing this Website as well as taking advantage of all their features such as accessing secure areas and exclusive access content for registered users.

Our Website also set the use of functional cookies to record information about the options of our users and allow to customize our Website to their needs; for example, to save the language of origin or region or that a user has already completed the filingof an inquiry. The information recorded is anonymous and is intended only for the purpose indicated above.

Next we point the third parties who can configure and access Cookies from the user’s equipment, as well as the purposes for which the information stored in them can be used:

Analytics (used by Google Analytics): Cookies that allow you to track website’s access traffic to perform visitor’s statistics.

Most web browsers allow you to manage User preferences about the use of Cookies at any time. You can set your browser to block cookies or delete certain cookies of your choice.

For the configuration of our Cookies and third-party Cookies, the User can access:

  • Google Chrome: Tools → Settings → Show advanced options → Content settings → Cookies → Block site data and third-party cookies.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Tools → Options → Privacy → History → Use a custom setting for the history (uncheck all options).
  • Internet Explorer: Tools → Internet Options → Privacy → Internet Zone Setting (raise the navigation bar until you block all cookies).
  • Safari: Editing → Preferences → Privacy → Blocking cookies (select “always”).
    Safari (IOS): Settings → Safari → Block Cookies.

We remind you that defined preferences, including auto-exclusion, are lost whenever cookies are deleted. For more information you should consult the Websites or


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